We remember you, Conan


Conan was a baboon used in xenotransplantation research at Westmead Hospital, NSW. He underwent a whole organ (kidney) transplant from a genetically modified pig in early 2014. Conan was killed on Thursday March 20, 2014 after suffering "disseminated intravascular coagulation" [Widespread activation of clotting in small blood vessels throughout the body leading to compromise of tissue blood flow and multiple organ damage.]


Scar was also used in xenotransplantation research at Westmead hospital. He received a transplant of neonatal islet cells from transgenic piglets.

Scar had survived for six weeks after the transplant and if he continued, he would be "the first baboon in the world to have survived a sustained xenotransplant."

There was concern that the researchers conducting the experiments on him didn't want Scar to be returned to the Wallacia baboon colony because of hygiene concerns even though he had been held inside for nearly three months and it is an accreditation requirement that animals get daytime access to outside enclosure after three months of being housed indoors.

The fate of Scar is unknown.

Read more about Conan and Scar here.

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