Tiny pigs stare out with haunting expressions from within cages in a research facility

Case Studies

There is a public misconception that animals used in experiments are adequately protected through the presence of ethics committees, animal welfare legislation and the Code of Practice. There is also the view that it is “only” rats and mice that are used. Neither of these is true. There are still horrific procedures that are still carried out on all sorts of animals – procedures that the general public are largely unaware of. We are attempting to address that by reporting on what really does occur in Australia.

The following exposés demonstrate that the experiments that occur behind lab doors are not exaggerated claims.

These scenarios are not only highly unethical; they are unscientific. Data cannot be extrapolated from one species to another with certainty of success.

We need to challenge the researchers and the funding bodies and encourage them to embrace new technologies – non-animal methodologies that are both more humane and scientifically-valid as they relate specifically to human conditions. This is the critical role of Animal-Free Science Advocacy. It’s imperative that the community and Animal-Free Science Advocacy supporters particularly, are aware of what is happening and what they can do to help stop it.

The case studies profiles are sourced from publications published within the past 10-year period. At the foot of the page you can also find ‘Snapshots’ which are brief profiles of current animal experimentation.  They are not detailed case studies, but give examples of current research. 

We have also profiled some case studies using non-animal methods. These case studies demonstrate the alternatives available that are human-relevant. Please be aware that the institutions or researchers profiled are not endorsed by Animal-Free Science Advocacy and may be using animals in other research.  

All cases studies are the opinion of Animal-Free Science Advocacy, and we seek external input where possible.

A list of publications of Australian animal research can be found here.  

If you have confidential concerns about animal research conducted in Australia that you would like to report anonymously, you can do so via this form. 


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