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  • Roland Roxanne & Redmond

    Introducing three cuties we have named Roland, Roxanne and Redmond. These little plush mice are sold as a trio for $25 which includes postage within Australia.  

    In 2015 over 1 million (1,412,613) mice and 108,261 rats were used for testing in Australian laboratories. Subjected to some of the cruelest and unnecessary experiments of all, they are simply considered cheap tools for research by the medical research industry.  

    They are being held in tubes and forced to inhale cigarette smoke, others are fed high fat diets and killed to study diabetes in humans whilst others are forced to inhale drugs for TB research. 

    For too long rats and mice have been maligned and misunderstood. They are very social creatures and become attached to one another, love their families and enjoy playing, wrestling and sleeping curled together but in the laboratory they are unable to fulfill these innate behavioural needs.   By purchasing these items and our other shop items you can help us to raise the issue of animal experimentation and continue our campaigns.

    Each plush mouse measures 130 mm in length from nose to top of tail. Tail is then 80 mm

    • $25.00
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    Roland Roxanne & Redmond

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