HRA Announcements and Events

12-May-2017 Federal Budget Commits Funding for Australia to Ban Cosmetics Animal Testing and Trade

05-Apr-2017 Exploring Student Attitudes to Animal Use in Australian Universities.

03-Apr-2017 2017 Trivia Extravaganza

22-Oct-2016 Taiwan Bans Cosmetics Animal Testing

13-Sep-2016 Humane Research Australia responds to Monash statement on media reports about greyhounds in research

03-Jun-2016 Australia to Ban Cosmetics Cruelty, Following #BeCrueltyFree Australia Campaign

29-Apr-2016 Unexpected and Unexplained Deaths at Primate Research Facility, Gippsland, Victoria

10-Mar-2016 Switzerland Commits to End Sale of Cruel Cosmetics

05-Mar-2016 Vegan Day Out Melbourne

05-Mar-2016 Vegan Day Out Sydney

03-Mar-2016 HRA responds to researcher’s opinion

26-Feb-2016 Animal use deters potential scientists from pursuing their ambitions

22-Feb-2016 Labor Pledge to Ban Cosmetic Animal Testing & Trade welcomed by #BeCrueltyFree Australia

28-Jan-2016 Australia’s Seven Leading Animal Charities Urge Government to Ban Cruel Animal Tested Cosmetics

29-Nov-2015 Peninsula Pet Expo

22-Nov-2015 Sea Shepherd Ocean Defence Tour

15-Nov-2015 Perth Cruelty-Free Fair

08-Nov-2015 Maroondah Festival

05-Nov-2015 An Evening With Jonathan Balcombe: A Primate's View of Animal Sentience

01-Nov-2015 World Vegan Day 2015

25-Oct-2015 Cruelty-Free Festival Sydney

21-Oct-2015 Cochlear’s business as usual approach to animal-based research ignores reputational risk

04-Oct-2015 Jebediah Bassist Vanessa Thornton Says Australia Must Kiss Cosmetics Animal Testing Good-Bye for WAD

04-Oct-2015 World Animal Day 2015

21-Sep-2015 House of Representatives Motion Against Cosmetics Animal Testing Welcomed by #BeCrueltyFree Australi

19-Sep-2015 Vegan Day Out in Fitzroy

09-Sep-2015 Humane Society International and H&M Collaborate on New Animal Welfare Commitments

29-Jul-2015 Charity Card Market

27-Jun-2015 Animal Impressions 2015

10-Jun-2015 Industrial Chemicals Reform Brings Opportunity to Replace Animal Tests With Modern Science

24-Apr-2015 Cute Talking Guinea Pig Shares Important Message About Cosmetics Animal Testing

21-Apr-2015 Rock Musician Adalita Supports #BeCrueltyFree Australia Campaign to Ban Cosmetics Animal Testing

19-Apr-2015 Pets in the Park, Knoxfield

02-Apr-2015 New Zealand Bans Cosmetics Testing on Animals – And Now It's Australia's Turn

02-Apr-2015 NHMRC’s funding of monkey breeding facilities a backward step

22-Mar-2015 Pets in the Park, Stonnington

15-Mar-2015 Come Bowling with HRA

12-Mar-2015 #BeCrueltyFree South Korea Campaign Welcomes Cosmetics Bill Requiring Mandatory Use of Alternatives

09-Mar-2015 Australian YouTubers Join Beauty Bloggers From Around the World to Help the #BeCrueltyFree Campaign

15-Feb-2015 Media Release - Dr Brett Lidbury joins out team of advisors

22-Dec-2014 New Humane Charities App Provides an Easy Way to Support Cruelty-Free Health and Medical Charities

27-Nov-2014 Annual General Meeting 2014

27-Nov-2014 Australian Senate Motion Against Cosmetics Animal Testing Welcomed by #BeCrueltyFree Campaigners

01-Nov-2014 Invitation to An Evening with Lyn White

10-Oct-2014 Media Release - Australian Non-Animal Skin Test for Cosmetics Welcomed by #BeCrueltyFree Campaign

07-Oct-2014 Media Release - Model Renee Somerfield Chooses Cosmetics With Compassion, Supports #BeCrueltyFree Au

26-Sep-2014 Media Release - It’s International Rabbit Day, and Henry has a very important message

23-Sep-2014 Media Release - Animal testing can mislead drug discovery and development

25-Aug-2014 Media Release: Cruelty-Free Companies Urge Australian Government to Ban Cosmetics Animal Testing

22-Aug-2014 Media Release - Humane Charities do NOT fund animal experiments

15-Aug-2014 Be Cruelty-Free Australia Submission to Labor Consultation on Cosmetics Animal Testing

07-Aug-2014 Using animals in toxicity experiments to predict drug safety no better than tossing a coin

25-Jul-2014 Media Release: Australian Consumers Say ‘Not Tested on Animals’ is More Important Than Anti-Ageing &

21-Jul-2014 Media Release - Australians Urged to Get Lippy About Animal Tested Cosmetics in Labor Consultation

13-Jul-2014 Dawn of the Planet of the Apes - Movie Fundraiser

12-Jul-2014 Sunday 3rd August - Sydney Vegan Expo

09-Jul-2014 Media Release - Planet of the Apes – a cruel reminder of the way we treat our fellow earthlings

07-Jul-2014 Veronica Lake Raffle

14-May-2014 Media Release - Tony Abbott Urged to Not Squander $20 Billion on Cruel Animal Experiments

17-Apr-2014 Media Release - Be Cruelty-Free Australia Reveals Hidden Animal Suffering in Your Make-up Bag

15-Apr-2014 Book Launch - Leo escapes from the lab

13-Apr-2014 An important message from Henry

31-Mar-2014 Media Release - Ricky Gervais Urges Australians to Support Bill to Ban Cosmetics Animal Testing

18-Mar-2014 Animal Experiments: debunking the myths

17-Mar-2014 Media Release - BCF Australia Applauds Bill to End Cosmetics Testing on Animals

13-Mar-2014 Media Release - Politicians Voice their Support for an End to Cosmetics Animal Testing in Australia

12-Mar-2014 Media Release - Jona Weinhofen stars in Be Cruelty-Free Australia Photo Shoot

11-Mar-2014 Media Release - Be Cruelty Free Week 2014

08-Mar-2014 Case study - Mice fed a high fat diet and exposed to cigarette smoke

06-Mar-2014 Federal Bill to End Cosmetics Testing on Animals Introduced in Congress

08-Feb-2014 Media release - Alcohol and Depression Studies on Mice - cruel and wasteful research

28-Jan-2014 New blog - Ozsheba - ShareHolder Engagement on Behalf of Animals

27-Jan-2014 Open letter to Cancer Research UK

31-Dec-2013 Blog - Animal experiments have NOT saved your life!

16-Dec-2013 Ray Greek's latest blog - Evidence supports TSMT

05-Dec-2013 Blog - Of Mice and Men

30-Nov-2013 Bulletin 8 - Replacing Animals

18-Nov-2013 Media Release - Day-old chicks used in memory experiments

11-Nov-2013 New page for kids... Hopping Mad!

08-Nov-2013 Media Release - China announces a phase out of cosmetics testing on animals

11-Oct-2013 11,000 Consumers Urge Sales Ban of Animal-Tested Cosmetics in India

10-Oct-2013 Working towards an animal testing-free future

03-Oct-2013 Great apes escape experimental research

02-Oct-2013 PETA and its international affiliates launch not-for-profit international science company

02-Oct-2013 Why Animal Experimentation Doesn't Work. Reason 3: Animals Aren't Little Humans

01-Oct-2013 China changes law on animal testing for cosmetics

27-Sep-2013 Media Release - International Rabbit Day

26-Sep-2013 Reducing the use of animals in experiments

24-Sep-2013 The Conversation - Animals in research: Rats

19-Sep-2013 Animal testing or modern science... which do you trust?

11-Sep-2013 3D Cancer device cuts animal testing

29-Aug-2013 Is animal experimentation an important issue for you this upcoming federal election?

12-Aug-2013 Allegations of research misconduct around breakthrough cancer findings

10-Aug-2013 Blog - The Age of Research

03-Aug-2013 Blog - Are you a hypocrite for taking medications if you are opposed to animal experimentation?

01-Aug-2013 New code, same suffering: animals in the lab

01-Aug-2013 Why animal experimentation doesn't work. Reason 1. Stressed animals yield poor data

29-Jul-2013 Technology to replace testing on animals

26-Jul-2013 False memory planted in mouse's brain

25-Jul-2013 Flaws in medical experiments on animals 'a waste'

22-Jul-2013 Medical research into brain disorders using animals is often biased: study

17-Jul-2013 UK statistics on animal experiments soar

16-Jul-2013 Surprising Finding On Human Power Of Immunity Contradicts Animal Research

15-Jul-2013 A Vicious Circle - presentation at the ICAS Conference

12-Jul-2013 A process-based review of mouse models of pulmonary hypertension

09-Jul-2013 Animals in research: benefits, ethics and assessment

06-Jul-2013 International Kissing Day

03-Jul-2013 Activists push for animal testing ban in China

29-Jun-2013 Historic ban on cosmetics animal testing in India

28-Jun-2013 The Experiment Is on Us: Science of Animal Testing Thrown into Doubt

27-Jun-2013 Victory: NIH to Retire Vast Majority of its Chimpanzees

26-Jun-2013 The Complexity of Genetic Composition

21-Jun-2013 Human organs "could be grown in animals within a year"

18-Jun-2013 Bulletin 7 - Taxpayer-Funded Cruelty

17-Jun-2013 Confusion regarding predictive value?

12-Jun-2013 Bateson and colleagues were wrong: primate experiments are NOT justified

05-Jun-2013 Australians say no to animal experiments

05-Jun-2013 Media Release - Australians say no to animal experiments

23-May-2013 HRA responds to University of Newcastle Press Release

10-May-2013 Big Cosmetics in Little China

09-May-2013 The Experiment Is on Us: Science of Animal Testing Thrown Into Doubt

06-May-2013 Animal testing labelling - Choice Magazine Investigation

03-May-2013 Animal experiments under the microscope

24-Apr-2013 Media Release - Taxpayer funded cruelty!

23-Apr-2013 Case study - 8 baboons used (then killed) to study the healing process of shoulder tendon surgery

22-Apr-2013 Case Study - Traumatic Brain Injury induced in rats by dropping weights on their exposed brains

12-Apr-2013 HRA response to The McKeon Review

11-Mar-2013 European Union ban on animal-tested cosmetics comes into effect 11 March

04-Mar-2013 Another challenge to the mouse model

28-Feb-2013 World’s First for Animal Replacement Science Announced

25-Feb-2013 Media Release - Australian Beauty Industry called on to End Cosmetic Cruelty

22-Feb-2013 Of mice and men: role of mice in biomedical research questioned

19-Feb-2013 Andrew Knight Speaking Tour - The costs and benefits of animal experiments

17-Feb-2013 Case study - cats in vision research at University of Sydney

16-Feb-2013 Mice Fall Short as Test Subjects for Humans’ Deadly Ills

06-Feb-2013 Scientific research on primates: What do we owe animals like us?

03-Feb-2013 Animal testing debate resurfaces

25-Jan-2013 Victory! Pesticide tests are not for the birds - or any animal

24-Jan-2013 Evocutis boosted by interest in animal replacement technology

24-Jan-2013 US National Institutes of Health halts funding for medical research on chimpanzees

23-Jan-2013 Mathematicians to reduce animal testing

15-Jan-2013 Raise a glass to help end animal experiments

09-Jan-2013 Animal welfare researchers must be honest about motivations

08-Jan-2013 How international law brought back animal testing of cosmetics

04-Jan-2013 India likely to impose blanket ban on testing cosmetics on animals

03-Jan-2013 Import ban on animal-tested products goes into effect (Israel)

28-Dec-2012 95% of lab animals in the USA have no legal protection from cruelty

28-Dec-2012 Shipping primates for research slowly becoming taboo

12-Dec-2012 UK poll reveals attitudes to animal testing

06-Dec-2012 Media Release - Shoppers urged to celebrate a cruelty-free Christmas

06-Dec-2012 The Punch - Don't give the gift of cruelty this Christmas

02-Dec-2012 Scientists kill half a million animals

01-Dec-2012 World AIDS Day - Why is there still no cure?

30-Nov-2012 Bulletin 5 - Choosing Cruelty Free

25-Nov-2012 The monkey farm: Primates being bred for experiments

24-Nov-2012 Defence Force supports monkey tests

23-Nov-2012 New Greens bill to ban importation of live primates for research

20-Nov-2012 The elusive ethics of animal ethics committees

24-Oct-2012 Public opposition to animal testing grows

10-Oct-2012 BUAV criticises cruel GM food rat experiment

10-Oct-2012 Let's quit monkeying around

02-Oct-2012 Leading Animal Ethicists Call for Full Disclosure on Testing

02-Oct-2012 Media release - New Zealand researchers condemned for genetically modifying cows

02-Oct-2012 Nothing to hide: Opening the files on animal research

17-Sep-2012 Why animal ethics committees don't work

13-Sep-2012 Starving monkeys won't help humans live longer

06-Sep-2012 Can technology help us put an end to animal experiments?

29-Aug-2012 New case study - Infecting Macaques with HIV

14-Aug-2012 Scientists Finally Conclude Nonhuman Animals Are Conscious Beings

10-Aug-2012 REACH, animal testing, and the precautionary principle

06-Aug-2012 Animal research provides a flawed model, so why not stop?

31-Jul-2012 Primates and HIV Research - Infecting our closest relatives

30-Jul-2012 Research Bias Compromises Chimpanzee Protection Efforts

27-Jul-2012 Media Release - Further animal experiments would not have prevented the Thalidomide disaster

27-Jul-2012 UK - Record Funding to Reduce Animal Experiments

26-Jul-2012 Critical Acclaim for Book on Animal Experimentation

25-Jul-2012 Scientists stitch up kittens' eyes in shocking experiment

25-Jul-2012 The 'organ chips' that could recreate the human body - and might one day replace animal experiments

21-Jul-2012 Animal Experimentation – Indispensable or Indefensible?

21-Jul-2012 New website to help scientists design better experiments

20-Jul-2012 Thalidomide victim compensated 'for life'

18-Jul-2012 The ugly truth about botox - testing on mice

16-Jul-2012 Evidence shows Nuremberg Code may actually cause harm

16-Jul-2012 The Punch - Animal cruelty: A repugnant AND really stupid idea

13-Jul-2012 Animal testing isn't just an ethical problem – let's invest in safer methods

11-Jul-2012 New case study - shaking lambs to death

28-Jun-2012 New case study - feeding junk food to rats

23-Jun-2012 Help stop chick hatching projects in schools

23-Jun-2012 Living organ-on-a-chip could soon replace animal testing

18-Jun-2012 Same same but different - a look at primate research

30-May-2012 Pets dying for a smoke

25-May-2012 Animal experiments wont cure me from cancer

14-May-2012 Chimpanzee Testing: Is it the Beginning of the End?

10-May-2012 Bulletin 4 - Cancer: A personal perspective

10-May-2012 Logical changes - a look at the changing face of cancer research

09-May-2012 Italian activists save 30 beagles from animal testing labs

03-May-2012 New case study - inflicting sciatic pain in rats

26-Apr-2012 Medical Charities Are Funding Animal Experiments But They Don't Want You to Know

23-Apr-2012 International 'Be Cruelty Free' campaign launched

20-Apr-2012 Media release - World Week for Animals in Laboratories 2012

18-Apr-2012 World Week for Animals in Laboratories 1F

17-Apr-2012 Govt bans use of live animals for education, research

16-Apr-2012 Cosmetic companies in cruelty cover-up

12-Apr-2012 Johnson & Johnson fined $1.1bn in Risperdal case

11-Apr-2012 Junk science? Most preclinical cancer studies don't replicate

10-Apr-2012 Free the death row chimps

02-Apr-2012 Graphic anti-animal-testing billboard banned

21-Mar-2012 Fewer Animals In Laboratories Is Good For All Of Us

18-Mar-2012 So much animal pain, so little human gain

15-Mar-2012 Faulty breast implants in Europe

14-Mar-2012 New case study - Breast implants on pigs

13-Mar-2012 New research could significantly reduce the need for clinical animal testing

08-Mar-2012 $100 Million Fraud Lawsuit against Cosmetic Companies Estee Lauder, Avon and Mary Kay

07-Mar-2012 Rats free each other from cages

02-Mar-2012 Are Animal Models Relevant in Modern Psychiatry?

27-Feb-2012 Is Chimpanzee Research Necessary? No, Say Many Scientists

13-Feb-2012 Fears research monkeys are illegally taken from the wild

08-Feb-2012 New undercover footage from BUAV

08-Feb-2012 The Hairy Truth -opinion on animal testing

06-Jan-2012 Creation of chimeric monkeys spark protests from animal advocates

17-Dec-2011 U.S. suspends use of chimps in new research

08-Dec-2011 An analysis of the Bateson Review of research using nonhuman primates

08-Dec-2011 U.S. Must End Science Research on Animals

06-Dec-2011 Overlooking the failings of animal research

05-Dec-2011 Over 10,000 Australians seek a ban on the importation of primates for research

02-Dec-2011 Safer Medicines Trust letter published in The Lancet

01-Dec-2011 Danish pharmaceutical company to stop using live animals

25-Nov-2011 2009 statistics of animal experiments are now available

21-Nov-2011 CEO Report to Annual General Meeting, November 2011

18-Nov-2011 Mounting fears over adverse drug reactions

10-Nov-2011 Drug kills fat cells in obese monkeys

10-Nov-2011 New product test spares animals from Botox testing

30-Oct-2011 Animal rights protests - a beastly business

29-Oct-2011 Are animal models predictive for humans?

20-Oct-2011 People and Planet fundraiser - diaries and calendars for sale

14-Oct-2011 Australian Donors Urged to Fund Humane Research

13-Oct-2011 New You Tube video published - Monkey Madness

12-Oct-2011 Bulletin 3 - Animal Experiments: Essential & Lifesaving Research?

27-Sep-2011 Fellow Challenges Researchers on Animal Testing

19-Sep-2011 Free passes to see Project Nim

07-Sep-2011 HRA interview on Radio Adelaide Breakfast Show

17-Aug-2011 The REAL Planet of the Apes

15-Aug-2011 Good news for chimps

11-Aug-2011 Cell-Based Alternative to Animal Testing?

11-Aug-2011 Stop Using Chimps as Guinea Pigs

10-Aug-2011 Interview: Lee Coates, OBE, Director of Ethical Money Pty Ltd

09-Aug-2011 Strand’s novel virtual liver to replace some animal experiments

08-Aug-2011 Cancer tests on mice slammed as cruel waste of public money

01-Aug-2011 Eight million animals face death to test your toothpaste and washing-up liquid

28-Jul-2011 One in ten monkey experiments 'unjustified'

14-Jul-2011 UK animal usage on the rise

08-Jul-2011 Editorial - The costs and benefits of animal experimentation. New Internationalist

06-Jul-2011 FDA approves alternative to animal testing for Botox

06-Jul-2011 Is animal testing necessary?

05-Jul-2011 Australian publication of new book on animal experiments

04-Jul-2011 Interview: Dr Andrew Knight, PhD, MRCVS, FOCAE, Veterinarian, UK

29-Jun-2011 Outdated science is holding back medical breakthroughs

04-Jun-2011 Mounting Fears Over Adverse Drug Reactions

01-Jun-2011 Help Ban All Animal-Tested Cosmetics in the EU

30-May-2011 Help stop the international trade in primates

30-May-2011 Interview: Andre Menache, BSc(Hons) BVSc MRCVS

26-May-2011 Medical students have substantial exposure to pharmaceutical industry marketing

10-May-2011 Massachusetts General Hospital ends lethal sheep lab.

18-Apr-2011 Case Study: Cannabis experiments on rats

18-Apr-2011 Media Release: World Week for Animals in Laboratories 2011

11-Apr-2011 Media Release: Will funding cuts mean less animal experiments?

11-Apr-2011 Medical researchers concerned about budget cuts

09-Apr-2011 Johnson & Johnson fined $67m for bribing doctors, paying kickbacks

31-Mar-2011 HRA appears on Kerri Anne show

01-Mar-2011 Papers/Speeches: The replacement of non human primates in brain research

28-Feb-2011 Bulletin: February 2011 bulletin available for download

10-Jan-2011 Obesity Studies on Pregnant Sheep

05-Jan-2011 Bulletin: November 2010 Bulletin available for download

15-Nov-2010 Media Release: Leo escapes from the lab

10-Nov-2010 Media Release: Counting on animal cruelty?

18-Oct-2010 Toxic Waste - Ending the use of non-human primates in toxicity testing

21-Apr-2010 Media Release: Kitty Mcsporran Saves the Animals

19-Apr-2010 World Week for Animals in Laboratories

10-Dec-2009 Australia Opens Its Doors to Dangerous Research

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