Animal Experiments

Produced by Humane Research Australia, this six-part presentation by Dr Andrew Knight, is suitable for schools, community groups and anyone who has an interest in animals. It provides a professional rationale against the use of animals in research and is recommended viewing for anyone interested in ending the use of animals in research.

Animal Experiments - a failing science

Efficacy -  accessing the utility of animal experiments

Statistics and Regulation

Non-animal Methods of Research - a more humane and scientifically valid option

Humane Education - caring, not killing

Working Together For Change

Beyond the cage - Is Animal Experimentation Necessary?

Introduced by Suzie Wilks, this 15 minute DVD introduces the ethical and scientific arguments against the use of animals in research and forms an ideal basis for discussion on this highly controversial issue.

New Film

'Safer Medicines' is an excellent new film which has just been released by Europeans for Medical Progress. You can view it free on-line (length about 30 minutes).

Videos from our YouTube Channel

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