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A digital human twin is the future of personalised medicine and disease prevention

Digital Human Twins: The Future of Medical Research

What if there was a future reality without sickness and disease? A future where you had a digital human twin and feedback from your smart watch and other bio feedback monitors could help predict and prevent disease and injury. A digital human twin would make this a reality! In this

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Quote post CSIRO The Conversation Sept 2023 - cover image

Good news: We won’t always have to use animals for medical research

Share this article to Twitter “In addition to ethical reasons for minimising animal use, reality is, sometimes animals just aren’t that good at predicting human responses” writes @CSIRO Futures in @ConversationEDU #EndAnimalExperiments #EndAnimalTesting #CrueltyFree #AnimalExperiments Tweet this Article originally published by The Conversation, 31 August, 2023. Republished under the Creative

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