HRA Staff

Rachel Smith

Chief executive officer

Rachel holds a MSc in Animal Welfare Science, Ethics and Law from the University of Winchester, during which she undertook her dissertation project on Freedom of Information Legislation and Animal Research.

Rachel has been committed to various animal welfare causes since a young age. During her career has worked for NGOs in the animal welfare and conservation fields, in Europe, Asia and Australia, as well as employment in the community sector for local, state and federal Government.

Robyn Kirby​


 Robyn holds a Diploma of Communications from Griffith University and has over 35 years experience in administration in the fields of law and medicine.

Robyn holds the view, and has done so for many years, that animal experimentation is an outdated method of investigation into the ills of humans, strongly believing it to be unreliable and inherently cruel to the animals subjected to all manner of investigations in the laboratory.  Robyn looks forward to a future advancement of medical research based on human biological innovations.

Adam Walsh

Operations and Administration Officer

Adam became conscious of the mistreatment of animals after visiting a food market in Siem Reap, Cambodia. After discovering more about how animals for human benefit are treated in Australia he changed the impact of his lifestyle and following an enlightening trip to India, decided to pursue animal advocacy as a career.

Adam grew-up in Dubbo, in central New South Wales, and has twenty years administration and customer service experience, including customer service team management. Adam spends his life drinking tea, practicing yoga, and hanging out with his partner and their toy poodle Jesper.

Mika Tran


Mika is a content producer and communications specialist with over two decades in the entertainment, advertising and not-for-profit sectors. Holding a BA in Media Arts from Deakin University, her work has taken her around Australia and across the globe to Africa, Asia Pacific and North America.
Mika’s dedication to animal welfare and humane practices stems from her deep respect for the natural world and her experiences as a field producer on the television series RSPCA Animal Rescue. Mika is passionate about the potential that communication and storytelling has in shaping society and creating incremental, yet meaningful change.

Natalie Anderson


Natalie is a respiratory research scientist in her final year of her PhD at Curtin University investigating the health effects of e-cigarette aerosols and medical aerosol delivery through artificial airways with computational fluid dynamics.

She completed her Master in Child Health Research at the University of Western Australia researching inhaled corticosteroid monotherapy for teenagers with asthma and her Bachelor of Science in Human Biology at Edith Cowan University in Western Australia.

Natalie is passionate about research using new-approach methodology including biomedical engineering, improved in vivo imaging, and in silico study methods. She is committed to forwarding science without animal experimentation and believes that Human is the best model for Human.


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