HRA Committee

Katrina Larsen

For over 30 years, Katrina has been advocating for animals in a variety of capacities in both Australia and Japan including, but not limited to, fundraising, event management, lobbying, direct action (duck rescue and factory farm rescue), protests, street activism, emergency support and administrative support. Katrina firmly believes that no matter how insurmountable the challenges we face appear to be in improving the lives of animals, it is imperative that we keep our goals in mind, even when it feels like we are not making much progress. If not us, then who? This is what motivates her to keep speaking up for animals.

Lourdes D'Costa-Secretary

With accounting and IT backgrounds and having worked in both corporate and small businesses in over nine different industries, Lourdes has gained great insight in the operations and managing of businesses.
Her passion to bring animal cruelty to an end has seen Lourdes participate for 25 years in many events held by animal charities nationally as well as being a Toastmaster member for eleven years and the fundraising co-ordinator for the RSPCA. 

Rob Buttrose- Vice President


Rob has an academic background in philosophy and computer science and a long standing interest in the welfare of animals. He has co-authored a number of recent articles on animal experimentation with a particular focus on ethical justification.

Diana Palmer

Diana Palmer- Treasurer

In the early 1990s, Diana became president of Anti Vivisection Union, South Australia, and continued in that role until 2016. During those years she collaborated with HRA as well as with other state, national and international groups on campaigns of public awareness and legal and ethical issues, including the campaign to maintain the moratorium on xeno-transplantation in Australia. These days as an individual member of several groups, she remains committed to working towards the abolition of cruel, wasteful and unscientific animal-based research and testing procedures.

Magda Wozny- President

Magda has always had an inborn respect and care for animals, the natural environment, and anyone who is vulnerable. Following her passion in helping others, she completed a Diploma in Health Science (Counselling), but now works as a Business Analyst in IT within the Emergency Management sector. She has spent most of her adult life as a vegetarian/vegan, after finding out about the horrors of vivisection in the 90’s. Long term animal activist and advocate, she is a member of many animal protection groups, including Wildlife Victoria, for whom she was a volunteer rescuer for some time. The past 7 years has been spent volunteering her time on the Animal Justice Party Victorian Committee of Management, as well as serving on the National Board of Directors for a term.


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