Interview cover photo - Animal-Free Science Advocacy

Interview: Elizabeth Ahlston

The Australian Association for Humane Research Inc was founded in October 1979 by Ms Elizabeth Ahlston. It was registered under the Charitable Collections Act (NSW)


Forced to Smoke

Why are mice being forced to smoke? In days past, you may have seen images of dogs with cones attached to their faces being forced

For researchers and students

Student Choice Policy

Student choice policies provide all students with the chance to enjoy science and express their enthusiasm for biology and other science subjects, whatever their ethical

For Media

Baboons lose in their bid for freedom

As media stories circulate about three baboons escaped from a medical research facility in Sydney, concerns are raised about the horrific life these animals endure.


Marmoset fetuses and newborns used in research

Hendrickson, A., Possin, D., Kwan, W.C., Huang, J, and Bourne, J.A. 2016, The temporal profile of retinal cell genesis in the marmoset monkey. Associated Institutions:

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