A beagle who spent all of his life in a research facility is rescued by a caring man and leaves for his forever home. Image Credit: We Animals Media.

Right 2 Release

Animals have the right to be released and rehomed after being in labs Hundreds of dogs and cats (and other animal species) are used in

New Zealand white rabbits are by far the most common rabbit breed used in research, toxicology and testing. Typically pair-housed in a laboratory setting, this rabbit sits alone in a caged tray and remains deprived of the ability to engage in their natural behavior.

I Am Not A Lab Tool

Help us to call on the Australian Government to dedicate funding towards animal-free research. “Australia has comparative global strengths in non-animal methods for several organ

Marty the marmoset video still 3

Achievements – 2019

Have a read through some of our achievements we’ve made during 2019.

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