Case Studies

Case Studies – Farm Animals

Farm animals are often used in agricultural research and genetically modified in order to increase yields. The animals currently used for food and fibre already

Ban Primate Experiments

Great Apes

Gorillas, Chimpanzees, Bonobos, Orangutans “From the biological point of view, between two human beings there can be a difference of 0.5% in the DNA. Between

Ban Primate Experiments

Primate Experiment Resources

Invasive Research on Non-Human Primates – Time to Turn the Page  19/10/2021 Primate Research in Australia (  HRA Podcast 26/2/2021 Media Release Still in the

Ban Primate Experiments

Ending Primate Experiments

The Laws All experiments conducted in Australia involving non-human primates must comply with: NHMRC Policy on the Care and Use of Non-Human Primates for Scientific

Ban Primate Experiments

Primate Experimentation in Australia

Primates are used in a variety of research experiments in institutions around Australia – including macaques and marmosets in brain and vision studies and baboons in xenotransplantation research.

Ban Primate Experiments

Message from Dr. Jane Goodall

“Once we admit that animals have personalities, minds and emotions and above all that they can suffer, both mentally and physically, then we must also

Ban Primate Experiments

Ban Primate Experiments

Hidden away in Australian research laboratories, hundreds of primates are being used in a variety of biomedical experiments. They are subjected to a wide range

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