A beagle who spent all of his life in a research facility is rescued by a caring man and leaves for his forever home. Image Credit: We Animals Media.

Right 2 Release

Thousands of dogs and cats are used in research in Australia each year. At the conclusion of their “use” unowned animals may be killed –

A rabbit in a cage in a research facility awaits her fate. Image Credit: We Animals Media.

I am not a lab tool!

Demand that the Australian government funds  accurate and safe, animal free research It’s better for humans, better for animals and it is available now  Share


Achievements – 2019

Have a read through some of our achievements we’ve made during 2019.


Other views on animal rights

Excellent letter explains why animal experiments simply do not work. “Experimenters fiddle with an animal’s genome to produce symptoms similar to Alzheimer’s and then try

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