HRA joins call for Access to Information

28 September marks International Day for Universal Access to Information. Access to information means that everyone has the right to seek, receive and impart information.


Targeted Deep Sequencing for Colorectal Cancer

Article: Scarcity of Recurrent Regulatory Driver Mutations in Colorectal Cancer Revealed by Targeted Deep Sequencing JNCI Cancer Spectr. 2019;3(2):pkz012. Published 2019 Apr 16. doi:10.1093/jncics/pkz012 Authors:


Forced Swim Test at Australian Universities

What is the Forced Swim Test? The Forced Swim Test (FST) is a behavioural test conducted on animals in laboratories around the world, including Australia.

Case Studies

Macaques Used in HIV Antibody Research

Article: Fc-dependent functions are redundant to efficacy of anti-HIV antibody PGT121 in macaques (2019) Authors Matthew S. Parsons,1 Wen Shi Lee,1 Anne B. Kristensen,1


How Air Pollution is related to Gene Expression

Article: Candidate gene expression in response to low-level air pollution Environment International Volume 140 (2020) 105610 DOI: Authors: Lina Madaniyazi a, b Shanshan


Reservations over Vaccine Hope

These are extraordinary times. The speed with which the COVID-19 pandemic has spread throughout the world has caught the scientific community by surprise. However, researchers

Insights & opinions

Can’t We Just Use Prisoners?

In HRA’s communications about the wrongs of animal research, we sometimes come up against the suggestion that in place of animals, society should use criminals,

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