Alcohol Use Disorders

Here a 2021 publication describes how researchers at the Florey Institute of Neuroscience and Mental Health used of 67 inbred male ‘alcohol-preferring’ rats in basic



Many people are unware that primate experimentation is still being conducted in Australia. A vital part of HRA’s work is to rigorously monitor Australia’s use


Deliberate Scalding and Burn Wounds in Mice

The University of Adelaide, with approval from the university’s animal ‘ethics’ committee, developed a ‘mouse model’ of bacterial scald wound infection and sepsis. To develop


Lambs Asphyxiated, Resuscitated then Killed

Fifty-one lambs were used in an experiment to study the effects of melatonin on newborn lambs suffering induced asphyxia.(1) The experiment, published in 2018, was


Stroke Induced and Subjected to Hypothermia

A recent (2021) publication reveals invasive experiments on young male rats carried out at the University of Newcastle, NSW in an attempt to replicate human


Deliberately Inflicted with Pain

A recent (2021) publication reveals deliberate pain inflicted on adult male mice in experiments carried out at the University of Queensland.(1) The purpose was to


Intermittent Fasting in Mice

Research paper Intermittent fasting increases energy expenditure and promotes adipose tissue browning in mice Nutrition 2019 Oct; 66:38-43. doi: 10.1016/j.nut.2019.03.015. 2019 Bo Liu ,

Case Studies

Cruel Fear of Snakes Experiment

Research paper citation Montardy et al  (2021) Mapping the neural circuitry of predator fear in marmosetsBrain Structure and Function 226:195–205. Associated Institutions Australian Regenerative


Immune cells in lungs begin to decay with age

Article Influenza, but not SARS-CoV-2, infection induces a rapid interferon response that wanes with age and diminished tissue-resident memory CD8+ T cells Clinical & Translational

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