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A lasting legacy for future generations of people AND animals

Leaving a bequest is one of the most significant ways to support Humane Research Australia in its ongoing campaigns to end animal experimentation in Australia.

Our work depends solely on donations and bequests in order to be able to oppose animal experimentation and to promote humane and scientifically valid non-animal methods. It is only due to recent sizeable bequests that we have been able to expand our team and we are so grateful for the kind and generous acts which enabled this. 

Preparing your Will is an extremely personal matter. It allows you to provide for your family and friends, and any organisation or cause that is close to your heart.

A bequest can also be a fitting tribute in memory of a loved pet/companion animal, especially as many animals are used in experiments each year.

After providing for your loved ones, if you would like to help us continue our valuable work, please also consider a gift to Humane Research Australia.

Please let us know if you decide to leave us a gift in your Will, as we would like to keep you up to date with our activities and achievements, to recognise and thank you for your generosity, and of course so that you will know exactly how your contribution will be helping to get animals out of laboratories.

How to include Humane Research Australia in your Will:

After providing for your loved ones, if you would like to leave a gift to Humane Research Australia we recommend you consider using the following suggested wording after discussion with your solicitor:

“I give, free of all duties and taxes, ……% of the residue of my estate / the sum of …… dollars to Humane Research Australia Inc (ABN 17 208 630 818), after the payment of all my just debts, funeral and testamentary expenses, for the general purposes of Humane Research Australia. An authorised receipt from Humane Research Australia will be a sufficient discharge for the executor(s) or trustee.”

If you have any questions about arranging a bequest in favour of HRA, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Help us bring an end to animal experimentation and create a better world for animals and humans

Thank you for considering the plight of laboratory animals in your Will.

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