Condolence motion for Helen Marston passed in the NSW Parliament

On May 5 2021, Mark Pearson MP representing the Animal Justice Party (AJP) passed a motion in the Upper House of the NSW Parliament. The motion asked the House to express its condolences to Helen’s family and friends, and to acknowledge her incredible work fighting for the rights of animals. The motion passed, with multiple MP’s speaking in honour of Helen, including AJP MP, Emma Hurst, Labor’s Walt Secord, and Liberal MP Scott Farlow.

HRA thank Mark Pearson for ensuring that Helen’s legacy is acknowledged and her achievements celebrated.

Helen was CEO of HRA for 15 years. Helen’s determination and passion will continue to motivate us, as we proudly honour Helen’s legacy and strive for an end to animal experimentation. On behalf of all HRA staff, volunteers, members, supporters and committee members, we thank Helen and cherish the memories we hold.

You can read Mark Pearson’s tribute to Helen here.

The video footage of the motion discussion is posted here.

Tributes can be read here.





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