Consultancy role available at HRA

Are you a science graduate with experience in biomedical research? Do you have a commitment to the replacement of animal models in research and teaching? Here is your dream role!

HRA is currently recruiting for a Science Outreach consultancy role.

HRA challenges the use of animals in biomedical research and education on both ethical and scientific grounds. There are robust arguments in favour of a transition to non-animal methods, which advance the validity and translational value of research to human patients, as well as avoiding harm for animals.

Critical to our mission is outreach within the science community, whether that be researchers, medical research associations, peak bodies, animal ethics committee, students, journal editors or academics. Engagement with those who use animals; are considering the use of animals; or approve the use of animals is essential if we are to change the current paradigm of animal models. Additionally, collaboration with researchers using non-animal methods is foreseen to enlist speakers for seminars and public talks.

Key to the role is the development of constructive relationships within the biomedical research industry, the development of credible resources, strategic distribution of these resources, and the delivery of workshops, seminars or talks. This is a challenging and diverse role, which will see the successful candidate representing HRA at a range of forums, and provides the opportunity to make a tangible contribution to ethical and human-relevant science.

If you are interested, learn more about the role and the application process here.

Please note, this is a part-time 6 month consultancy position. Applications close at 5pm on the 21 May. 

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