HRA Environmental Impact Reduction Plan

Why must we consider our environmental impact?

Our vision is for ‘a future where no animals suffer in the name of science’ and by extension we must consider and take responsibility for our climate impact. As an organisation, we acknowledge the advice of climate scientists in the urgent need to immediately improve our impact on the natural environment, regardless of how small our current impact may be.

By improving our organisational and personal impact we are also building positive relationships and encouraging the organisations with which we interact to improve their impact.

Additionally, these are issues which are important to our supporters. A periodic supporter survey question will assist in determining which areas our supporters believe we can improve on and may result in additional steps based on what is important to our supporters.

An acknowledgement of our environmental impact and willingness to take responsibility and improve contributes towards our campaigns of transparency, of following and supporting ‘good science’, and of encouraging human-relevant and beneficial scientific advances.

Our plan includes measures such as:

  • Using Australian- based merchandise providers
  • Using compostable or recyclable packaging
  • Accredited environmentally-friendly website hosting
  • Vegan catering for functions and events



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