The following resources are provided to offer help to students and other interested persons in obtaining factual information about the various issues concerning animal experimentation.

For Researchers

Researchers can drive a paradigm change towards non-animal research methods.

Guidance for Animal Ethics Committee

Ethics committees are the only real level at which the validity and justification of research can be challenged.

For Media

Read through the official HRA Media Releases and other media related information.


Read all the latest announcements and events from Humane Research Australia.

Insights & Opinions

Blog posts offering insightful views on the use of animals in research and teaching.

Australian Regulations

Australian regulations relating to animal use in research and teaching.

Publications: Australian Animal Experimentation

Summary of recent publications of the types of experimentation to which animals are subjected in Australian laboratories.

Publications: Rebutting Animal Experimentation

Academic papers, reviews and conference proceedings that provide references as to why animals are not good models for human medicine.

HRA Podcasts

Podcast interviews of leading experts, animal advocates and leaders in the areas of scientific research, animal sentience, animal ethics, animal law and conservation.


All our bulletins are available for downloading. If you'd like us to send you copies in the mail, please contact us.

For Students and Educators

HRA’s Humane Education Loan Program (HELP) aims to provide educators and students with up to date alternatives to animal use in teaching.


We speak to experts from a range of backgrounds to hear their perspective on why animal experiments are wrong.


We've collated a list of informative videos from around the world that provide a wealth of information opposing animal research.

Credit banner Image: Anti-animal cruelty protest, 1919 (Source: Cruelty-Free International)

History of Anti-Vivisection Movement

A page dedicated to those activists upon whose shoulders we stand.

For any issues that have not been covered by the above, please contact HRA and we will assist you wherever possible.


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