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The Humane Research Australia podcast interviews leading experts, animal advocates and leaders in the areas of scientific research, animal sentience, animal ethics, animal law and conservation to gain a diverse range of perspectives on the critical issue of using animals in research in Australia.

The podcast discusses the urgent necessity to phase out and cease animal testing for biomedical research because it is cruel, scientifically obsolete, economically unviable and environmentally harmful. The HRA podcast also highlights alternative methods to using animals which are deliver vastly more accurate research results, without the unnecessary suffering of animals. 

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Sarah Margo interview: "This space feels hopeful"

HRA CEO Rachel Smith interviews Sarah Margo, an expert in animal law on her perspective of the failings of the Australian regulatory system surrounding animals in science. 

Sarah is Policy Advisor to the Hon. Emma Hurst MLC of the Animal Justice Party, Animal Law Teaching Fellow at UNSW and Director of Voiceless, the animal protection institute and an Animal Law and Policy Consultant.


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