Publications: Australian Animal Experimentation

This page includes a summary of recent publications (2019 onwards).  This list is not exhaustive but a summary of the types of experimentation to which animals are subjected in Australian laboratories. More detailed profiles of Australian animal research can be found in our case studies.

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Nguyen T, Li GE, Chen H, Cranfield CC, McGrath KC, GorrieCA.

Neurological effects in the offspring after switching from tobacco cigarettes to e-cigarettes during pregnancy in a mouse model Journal Article

In: 2019, (University of Technology Sydney).

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Jiao Jiao Li , Colin R Dunstan, Ali Entezari Qing Li , Roland Steck , Siamak Saifzadeh,, Ameneh Sadeghpour , John R Field Austin Akey, Martin Vielreicher, Oliver Friedrich, Seyed-Iman Roohani-Esfahani , Hala Zreiqat

A novel bone substitute with high bioactivity strength and porosity for repairing large and load-bearing bone defects Journal Article

In: 2019, (Queensland University of Technology, University of Sydney, Kolling Institute et al).

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Hadjidimitrakis K, Bakola S, Chaplin TA, Yu HH, Alanazi O, Chan JM, Worthy KH, Rosa MGP.

Topographic organization of the ‘Third-Tier’ dorsomedial visual cortex in the macaque Journal Article

In: 2019, (Monash University).

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Liu B, Page AJ, Hutchison AT, Wittert GA, Heilbronn LK.

Intermittent fasting increasing energy expenditure and promotes adipose tissue browning in mice Journal Article

In: 2019, (University of Adelaide, South Australian Health and Medical Research Institute).

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44 entries « 3 of 3 »

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