Include A Charity Week 6 -12 September

Sep 6 -12 is Include A Charity Week, a week which raises the profile of charitable gifts in Wills and provides an opportunity for charities to convey their importance.

HRA has joined as a partner charity of Include a Charity. As a small organisation with no government funding, gifts in Wills have provided HRA with the financial sustainability to continue our vital campaigns, and more recently, to expand our team and impact. We are forever grateful to our generous donors for remembering HRA in their Will. If you are interested in leaving a gift, please review our profile.

This year, a quiz has been created to help everyday Australians work out what kind of legend they are, and what kind of mark they can make through including a gift to a charity in their Will.

You can take the Legend’s Quiz here.

Learn more about the long-lasting contribution we can all make to charitable causes.


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