The Issues


HRA speaks out against animal experimentation at every opportunity. These are some of the issues we have focussed on.


Humane Research Australia (HRA) works to ensure that animal experiments are continually under scrutiny in Australia.


Frequently Asked Questions

Common questions that relate to animal experimentation are answered.

Case Studies

The following exposés demonstrate that the experiments that occur behind lab doors are not some exaggerated claims from yesteryear. They are happening right here and now.


Ban Primate Experiments

Hidden away in Australian research laboratories, hundreds of primates are being used in a variety of biomedical experiments.

Dangerous Drugs

Think that animal testing is a reliable means to determine the safety and efficacy of drugs? Think again!

Replacing Animals

Did you realise that 95% of drugs tested ‘successfully’ on animals fail when they are translated to humans? Animal testing just doesn’t work.

Environmental Impact

Animal-based research also has an environmental cost, from production of waste; to transportation of animals; to pollution.


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