It’s National Volunteer Week!

As a small, grass-roots organisation, we often engage volunteers who are able to assist HRA in specialist areas, providing skills and experience to lift our resources into another dimension of advocacy.

Historically, HRA volunteers are event assistants and outreach campaigners. In recent times, we have also pursued other areas where our volunteers have been able to contribute to and strengthen the HRA team.

These are a few of our volunteer’s stories and the contributions which they have made.

“I got involved with HRA because I believed in their mission and wanted to contribute my knowledge and skills in biomedical science writing. It also gave me an opportunity to learn more about cutting edge and cruelty-free research techniques in Australia as well as refine my science communication skills and meet like-minded people.”
– Irene

Irene, Case Study Researcher
Irene is a biomedicine graduate who is passionate about science communication. Irene volunteered for HRA by analysing medical research papers and translating their details into accessible case studies to highlight medical research which is progressing without the use of animals.

Sarah, Graphic Designer
Sarah is an award winning and stylish minimalist designer who tells stories through the power of visual design. Sarah has designed many HRA social media images, advertisements, and tirelessly worked on the development of the HRA Business Case.

Hazel, Outreach Event Coordinator
Hazel is a teacher who has a passion for animal advocacy and has established an animal rights group for students at her school. She is a board member of a prominent animal advocacy group and is volunteering with HRA to establish an ongoing presence at markets and events in Sydney.

This National Volunteer Week, we would like to highlight and thank these and each of our dedicated volunteers who have helped us get to where we are, and who help us to continue towards ending the use of animal experimentation.

Special thanks also to our volunteer management committee and advisers who devote many hours to HRA.

While we will still love supporters assisting us when we are able to be present at events, our evolving volunteer engagement strategy will include opportunities that focus more on what our supporters are able to offer from their unique skills and experiences.

We will be recruiting for specialist volunteer roles soon, so please watch this space, or feel free to contact HRA if you feel you have specialist skills you would like to offer. For example, are you a podcast broadcaster, or an expert in website traffic generation? There are so many ways you can help HRA by donating your time and skills.

To all our volunteers who have assisted us, THANK YOU! And have a happy National Volunteer Week!


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