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As an organisation solely funded through donations, HRA urgently needs regular financial donors to help us continue our crucial work to end the suffering of millions of animals being routinely subjected to cruel and unethical experimentation within Australia’s medical and scientific research industry.

Why is your support so important to us?

Unlike many other charities, HRA does not have DGR (Deductible Gift Recipient) status – because our work is not classified as public benevolent, and does not involve “hands on” care of animals. This means that we do not qualify for many philanthropic grants that are available and which many charities depend on for their continued work. It also means that we are unable to take advantage of various other schemes such as workplace giving as these also require DGR status.

Furthermore, we do not receive ANY government funding.

We are therefore solely reliant on memberships and donations to fund the important work that we undertake towards ending cruel and unnecessary animal experiments.

Read about what the achievements your donations contribute to. 


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