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Calling on Doctors, Nurses, Veterinarians and all Health Care Professionals!

The philosophy of Humane Research Australia is that opposition to animal experimentation is not just an ethical issue – it has a scientific basis too. We recognise that data obtained from animal experiments cannot be extrapolated to human conditions with a sufficient degree of accuracy and so it’s therefore crucial that if we genuinely desire a healthier society we must base medical research on models that accurately mimic the human system, rather than an artificially-induced replica in a different species – species that differ from us anatomically, physiologically and genetically.

We are seeking the support of doctors, nurses, veterinarians and all health care professionals to show the public that our concerns are credible, scientific, ethical and backed by scientific experts.

Please therefore consider joining the following (local and international) professionals by downloading and signing our Pledge of Support for the work of HRA to voice your opposition to the use of animals in research and to publicly support the work of Humane Research Australia.

  • Dr Jarrod Bailey
    PhD, Senior Research Consultant PCRM, UK
  • Dr Kit Bailey
    MBBS FRAC (retired), Victoria, Australia
  • Dr Jonathan Balcombe
    PhD (Cell Biology), Senior Research Scientist PCRM, Washington DC, USA
  • Constance Banks
    Midwife, Victoria, Australia
  • Glennis Barnes
    Registered Nurse and Midwife, Victoria, Australia
  • Lee Bolgarow
    Registered Nurse, Victoria, Australia
  • Lorna Burnett
    RN, CM, Midwife, NSW, Australia
  • Dr Janine Burns
    PhD (Philosophy), Clinical Nurse Specialist, NSW, Australia
  • Lisa Burns
    BNurs, Registered Nurse, NSW, Australia
  • Dr Ruth Clarnette
    MBBS Lon, MD, Victoria, Australia
  • Dr Margaret Clotworthy
    PhD (Cell Biology), Safer Medicines, London, UK
  • Dr Kevin Coleman
    MBBS, DTM&H, MPH, FRACGP, NSW, Australia
  • Julie Coulthard
    Enrolled Nurse, Victoria, Australia
  • Annelies Craig
    BA Business, Endorsed, Enrolled Nurse, Queensland, Australia
  • Jacinta Croftun
    Nurse, Victoria, Australia
  • Julie Culne
    BN, Registered Nurse, Victoria, Australia
  • Jacqueline Cuthbertson
    Ba Health Science, RN, Grad. Dip. Communications, Health Writer, Western Australia
  • Anita Daly
    RN, RM, Victoria, Australia
  • Melissa David
    Midwife, Victoria, Australia
  • Beverley de Klerk
    BNurs, Registered Nurse, Queensland, Australia
  • Elizabeth G Dittrich
    BHlth. Sc., ND, Naturopath, Victoria, Australia
  • Amanda Dunn
    BNurs, Grad. Dip. Adv. Nsg, Ambulance Paramedic, Vic, Australia
  • Erica Foster
    RN, MMHN, Registered Nurse, Queensland, Australia
  • Susan Fowler
    Registered Nurse, Victoria, Australia
  • Elisabeth Goodwin
    B.App. Sci., Diagnostic Radiographer, Queensland, Australia
  • Cathy Goorqr
    Nurse, Victoria, Australia
  • Dee Greenwood
    Nurse, Victoria, Australia
  • Susan Grey
    Registered Nurse, Victoria, Australia
  • Assoc. Prof. Eleonora Gullone
    PhD, Psychologist, Monash University, Vic, Australia
  • Dr Anthony Hadj
    MBBS, BMEDSC, DCH, Victoria, Australia
  • Elizabeth Hall,
    Registered Nurse, Australia
  • Anne Harrison
    Dip.H.M; Dip.Med. Science; Dip. Iridology, Western Herbalist, NSW, Australia
  • Penny Hocking
    BUSc (Hons) Veterinarian, Victoria, Australia
  • Catherine Hogan
    B. Optom. (Hons), Optometrist, Victoria, Australia
  • Deborah Holloway
    Nurse, Victoria, Australia
  • Katrina Hyland
    Registered Nurse, Victoria, Australia
  • Catherine Jardine
    Registered Nurse, Victoria, Australia
  • Jennifer Jennings
    Rn Bn, Grad Dip ICU, MHPE, Vic, Australia
  • Caran Jones
    Registered Nurse, Victoria, Australia
  • Jo Keach
    Registered Nurse, Victoria, Australia
  • Prof. Anne Keogh
    MBBS MD FRACP FRCSANZ, Cardiologist, St Vincent’s Hospital, NSW, Australia
  • Dr Andrew Knight
    PhD, MRCVS, FOCAE, Veterinarian, London, UK
  • Jane Koley
    Registered Nurse, Victoria, Australia
  • Olga Leareyd
    Registered Nurse, Victoria, Australia
  • Irina Levkovskaya
    Nurse, Victoria, Australia
  • Melissa Ludescher
    Registered Nurse, Victoria, Australia
  • Dr John Hamilton Livesey
    BSc Hons. PhD, Biochemist, Christchurch, New Zealand
  • Joan Marr
    Nurse, Victoria, Australia
  • Maryjeanne Marshall
    Registered Nurse, Queensland, Australia
  • Kylie Martin
    Cert IV Nursing, Registered Nurse, Victoria, Australia
  • Dr Alex Mattea
    BA MBBS, Doctor, NSW, Australia
  • Natasha Mazurek
    Nurse, Victoria, Australia
  • Ngaire McCallum
    Nurse, Victoria, Australia
  • Colleen McDuling
    B.Sc.(Med)(Hons)(Phamacology), Scientist and Animal Behaviourist, Kent, UK
  • Tanya McRae
    Registered Nurse (Critical Care), Victoria, Australia
  • Dr Andre Menache
    B.Sc.(Hons) BVSc, MRCVS, Veterinary Surgeon, Kent, UK
  • Leah Michael
    RN, B.N, Registered Nurse, NSW, Australia
  • Tracey Michaelczar
    Registered Nurse, Victoria, Australia
  • Sue Mills
    Registered Nurse, Victoria, Australia
  • Nicole Minolti
    Registered Nurse, Victoria, Australia
  • Dianne Morgans
    Registered Nurse, Victoria, Australia
  • Tom Owen Morley
    BMedSc. MBBS, Doctor, Victoria, Australia
  • Dr Graham Moss
    RN, BSc(Hons) PhD., Registered Nurse, ACT, Australia
  • Demi Nikolic
    Nurse, Victoria, Australia
  • Chris O’Brien
    Registered Nurse, Victoria, Australia
  • Timonthy J Oseckas
    BN, PGDipAdvClinNurs, Mental Health Nurse, Victoria, Australia
  • Simone Pilgrim
    BNurs, Registered Nurse, Victoria, Australia
  • Dr John J. Pippin
    M.D. Cardiologist, Texas, USA
  • Dr Anthony Raizis
    MSc, PhD, Hospital Scientist, Christchurch, New Zealand
  • Yvonne Reid
    Registered Nurse, Victoria, Australia
  • Tracey Rodda
    Registered Nurse, Victoria, Australia
  • Amanda Rolfe
    B.Sc(Hons), MApplSc., Psychologist, NSW, Australia
  • Samantha
    Registered Nurse, Victoria, Australia
  • Mrs Scarratt
    EFN, Registered Nurse, Victoria, Australia
  • Stella Sidlow
    Midwife, Victoria, Australia
  • Rebekkah Osmond
    RN, Registered Nurse, South Australia, Australia
  • Mr Kevin Spencer
    B.A., B.Soc.Sci (Psych)(Hons), MBA, NSW, Australia
  • Lisa Stingel
    Registered Nurse, Victoria, Australia
  • Kristie Stoick
    MPH (Toxicology), Scientific Policy Advisor PCRM, Washington DC, USA
  • Archie Tabut
    Psychiatric Nurse, Victoria, Australia
  • Maggie Taylor
    Dip. Nat Med, Naturopath, Western Australia
  • Diana Tomkins
    BSc MPH, Grad.Dip Bus Admin. Queensland, Australia
  • Graeme Tucker
    B.Sc (Hons) (Cell Biology and Neuroscience), Medical Researcher, WA, Australia
  • Sarah Turner
    RN, Dip N. Nurse/paramedic, Den Haag, Netherlands
  • Jeremy Vallence
    B Optom, Optometrist, Victoria, Australia
  • Michelle Wagner
    Registered Nurse, Victoria, Australia
  • Kristine Nyree Walsh
    Ass. Dip. Medical Laboratory Science RMIT, Medical Scientist, Victoria, Australia
  • Lee Wembridge
    Nurse, Victoria, Australia
  • Erin White
    Cert IV Pathology, Phlebotomist, Victoria, Australia
  • Sylvia Whiteside
    Nurse, Victoria, Australia
  • Robyn Whiting
    Registered Nurse, Victoria, Australia
  • Janine Witcomb
    Registered Nurse, Victoria, Australia
  • Dr Jennifer Long, BSc (Hon) MBBS MMED 
    (Psychiatry) New South Wales, Australia 
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