Slaughter of the Innocent


Hans Ruesch’s Slaughter of the Innocent is one of the original books that laid the foundations for the modern anti-vivisection movement, with it’s uncompromising demand for a complete end to vivisection and the fraudulent scientific arguments which underlie it.

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Slaughter Of The Innocent is the first book ever written which directly discusses the scientific arguments regarding the needless use of animals, as a part of medical progress. Mr. Ruesch spent countless years compiling this gut-wrenching masterpiece. He successfully lifts the veil of secrecy which has always been an important part of research establishments & the medical community as well, giving the reader a peek at what really goes on, after the laboratory doors are closed. His words reveal some of the worst atrocities anyone could possibly imagine. Without ignoring the ethical questions – “it’s just one of life’s necessary evils, isn’t it?” – The author gets right to the point advising the reader, “Somebody up there is lying to you.” With his creative style & excellent documentation, Mr. Ruesch washes away the excuses of doctor apologists for animal experimentation, with facts showing not only that animals aren’t needed for Medicine/Health to move forward, but the use of which often leads to detrimental & misleading findings, & catastrophic results. This wonderful yet disturbing volume is a must-read for any person entering the field of medicine or the people already there.

2003 edition, 446 pages

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