They All Had Eyes: Confessions of a Vivisectionist


“They all had eyes: confessions of a vivisectionist”, by Michael Slusher is the first of its kind in exposing the biomedical industry from an inside perspective.

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Most people have a blind spot in their understanding of how biomedical and pharmaceutical research is performed. They may be vaguely aware that some mice and rats were involved – the animals themselves no doubt benefiting from wondrous injections of life-saving compounds, with minimal suffering. The truth is far more horrifying and brutal than people can imagine. In this book, the author has laid open a raw wound in his heart to help people see behind the curtain and observe what actually takes place in what can only be described as true dungeons of despair. In it, he chronicles the animals that he worked on – from mice to dogs to monkeys – and the terrible procedures that he performed on them as a matter of business. The author shares his reflections about his work and the traumatic memories he experiences as a result, pulling no punches nor whitewashing the details of his previous profession. This book highlights the intense suffering and waste of thousands of lives in such a way as to leave the reader without any doubt about whether animal research is justified or required.

2016 edition, 208 pages

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