Statistics 2005 – Animal use in research and teaching, Australia

These statistics should be used for general purposes only. Qld, and NT figures have not yet been received, but going by an average of figures available from previous years (641,067 for QLD, N/A for NT), this would bring the total number of animals used to more than 5.5 million.

Figures will be updated as they become available

Type of animalsVicNSWSATas QLDACTWA NTTotal
Mouse362,520127,63631,5382,281n/a85,340240,740 n/a850,055
Rat40,74135,8449,1151,813 n/a3,15731,768 n/a122,438
Guinea Pig9,9213,7711,0444 n/a228184 n/a15,152
Rabbit2,5042,36673810 n/a6847 n/a5,733
Other lab animals1,0183305 n/a41 n/a1,367
Cat425347160 n/a8230 n/a1,170
Dog1,3082,527100 n/a11861 n/a4,807
Other domestic n/a n/a
Sheep34,25347,05430,6797,251 n/a39721,561 n/a141,195
Cattle24,97812,724943722 n/a1,088 n/a40,455
Pig7,46612,7161,264 n/a93,292 n/a24,747
Horse/donkey5,8291,380275 n/a3,046 n/a10,530
Other stock animals739545848 n/a22 n/a2,154
Native mammals7,845163,2324,8422,540 n/a4710,871 n/a189,377
Exotic ‘feral’ animals1996,534890117 n/a14312,183 n/a20,066
Primates140167 n/a50 n/a357
Domestic fowl227,635696,3358,855 n/a7132,059 n/a935,597
Other birds58,733260,59426,63551,501 n/a35614,026 n/a411,845
Reptiles2,11611,1587,6071,334 n/a3479,374 n/a31,936
Fish748,96323,32536,457 n/a17494,785 n/a903,704
Amphibians5,4041,090419 n/a605 n/a7,518
Other aquatic animals17,5991,048,8144947,227 n/a67,519 n/a1,141,653
Other4338 n/an/a342
Totals1,560,3402,434,085150,747111,676 n/a91,603513,747n/a4,862,198

NSW (Other aquatic animals): includes all aquatic animals

ACT and WA did not provide a breakdown of purpose and severity of experiments. The following tables will therefore not reflect the same total as that of species used.

Purpose of projectVicNSWSATasACTWATotal
Understanding human or animal biology350,991153,31842,02029,558575,887
Maintenance and improvement of human or animal health and welfare331,55166,96623,6168,378430,511
Improvement of animal management or production700,02778,64742,90765,607887,188
Production of biological products58,29558,295
Diagnostic procedures1,7391,739
Achievement of educational objectives38,527628,79320,7975,41072,595766,122
Environmental study139,2441,394,20321,4072,7231,557,577
Severity of procedureVicNSWSATasACTWATotal
Observational studies involving minor interference332,9511,697,25563,21652,2002,145,622
Animal unconscious without recovery161,71264,20428,74225,634280,292
Minor conscious intervention676,449471,43619,98224,5681,192,435
Minor operative procedures with recovery234,76918,9308,471456262,626
Surgery with recovery32,01412,1263,79418548,119
Minor physiological challenge35,932109,04417,2711,504163,751
Major physiological challenge85,71420,3347,7566,997120,801
Death as an end point79935,6841,51513238,130
Production of genetically modified animals5,0725,072


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On an annual basis, no ACT-wide statistics are compiled. Correspondence from Animal Welfare Policy, AWAC Secretariet, 6 February 2014.


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Statistics are not yet available. No indication given of when (or if) they will be available. Phone conversation with NT Government 26 June 2014.

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