What You Can Do

Animal research is a huge industry and it can sometimes be daunting to realise that those of us who oppose animal experiments are up against major pharmaceutical companies, university academics, research establishments, commercial companies and governments.

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.”
– Margaret Mead

We can all make a difference just by making simple changes in our daily lives.

Buy Cruelty-Free

When purchasing cosmetics and household products, choose those which have not been tested on animals. Not only will you be withdrawing your financial support from companies which continue to conduct cruel product testing, but you will also be supporting those ethical companies that are proving that it is unnecessary.

For a list of “Preferred Products”, visit the Choose Cruelty Free website

Refuse to donate to animal-based research

Similarly, when you make a donation to a health charity, check first whether your money will be likely to go toward medical research on animals. There are medical charities that do not fund animal experiments. By supporting those on the Humane Charities list, you will be redirecting vital funding towards health charities who recognise that real medical progress can only be made through studying our own species and abandoning the use of animal experiments. Check our list of Humane Charities to discover which do NOT use animals.

Use your social media platforms

Follow/Like us on FacebookTwitterInstagram and YouTube, and share, share, share! Aside from our website, social media is one of the best ways to keep on top of all our campaigns, events and calls to action.

Also, you can use one of our Facebook profile frames to help raise awareness. It’s simple to do, just hover over your profile picture and click “Update profile picture” then click “Add frame”. Search for Humane Research Australia, choose your frame and click on “Use as profile picture”. And you’re done!

Join HRA

Humane Research Australia has campaigned tirelessly against animal experiments since 1979.

We need the support of our members to continue with our important work – both financially and to help disseminate information about the danger of relying on animal experiments. You can join our growing membership or make a donation online.

Join our monthly donor program

Some of our supporters assist our work by making a monthly donation which is deducted from their credit card. This is a wonderful way to support our work as it minimises administration and provides secure financial support. You can do this online.

Attend or support our events

Our events and attendance at expos not only raise awareness of animal experimentation but are also a great way to socialise with and support like-minded people. You can find out what events we will be attending by signing up to our eNews, and you can volunteer at an event near you by contacting us.

Display your message

Stickers and t-shirts are a great way of raising awareness. With so many people being unaware of what happens in animal laboratories simple messages are good to plant seeds of thought and can initiate people wanting to know more and getting involved in our campaigns. Find your style in the HRA Shop.

Support our campaigns

HRA speaks out against animal experimentation at every opportunity. Visit our Campaigns page to learn of ways to help with a specific issue.

Make a Bequest

Leaving a bequest is one of the most significant ways to support Humane Research Australia in its ongoing campaigns to end animal experimentation in Australia.

Our work depends solely on donations and bequests in order to be able to oppose animal experimentation and to promote humane and scientifically valid non-animal methods.

Visit our Bequests page to see how you can help us in this important way.

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